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My Blog bites

I am writing a book so I thought it would be fun and different to add pieces that I have written in my “blog bites.” I know I do not have time to read a 30 minute article at this very moment so this is why I am choosing to write small bites about me and my adventures. Have fun with it and enjoy!

My Nickname

Everyone has a nickname and mine is pretty badass! Well, not how I got it, but just the name. It makes me feel powerful, like the superhero.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty of my nickname, Storm.  So, got the nickname from a friend of mine, he worked in a small salon with a few of my other friends. I went to go get my hair done (which clearly, I was getting platinum blonde, it’s my thing), just a normal appointment at the salon. Until I walked in with a black outfit, that I guess looked like a cape thingy, any who my friend that worked at the salon walked by and thought I was wearing a costume, which clearly he was trying to be funny, but I went with it. He asked, are you storm? I had to think about it at first, and said what are you talking about? Then it caught on that he was talking about Storm from X-Men. We laughed about it then after that, the name stuck, which this was the inspiration behind my Instagram handle. This brings me to another funny story.

I made an appointment at a small boutique to get microblading done, have to keep my brows on point. Well, I made it through my Insta not even thinking about my handle. So when I walked in the lady said are you Storm? I looked at her funny and said no I am Noelle, and then she looked at me funny. It clicked right after our weird back and forth that I realized that was me and my name was Storm.

Until next time…

My College Days to Work Days

My college years were short, got my AA, and then had a few jobs, which they were subpar. Well, short and sweet, haha!

After my lack of not finishing strong in college, I landed a real job as a client care coordinator, which is like an admin and then moved to a marketing assistant and then now a Marketing Director. Good people to work for, 2 young strapping men, oh and they are also cousins.

I have now been with them for almost 7 years! Yikes, that is a long time, about as long as my longest relationship. I decided to branch out and start my own business as a marketing creative and see where that takes me, so far so good. I figured out I am more of a entrepreneur than a school person. I don’t like being tied down, haha, I like to be free.

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